Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative (OREC)

The Ottawa Renewable Energy Co-operative has continued to grow as a local, green investment opportunity in Eastern Ontario. OREC strives to provide residents of the area with the chance to diversify their portfolios by investing in renewable energy development in their own communities.

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43 Eccles St, Ottawa, Ontario

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Co-op formation and partnership funding

Collaboration Details

Before the Ottawa Renewable Energy Cooperative was founded, a team of dedicated community members had an initiative in Ottawa called Sustainable Ottawa. This group needed some legal support to obtain more information about how to form a cooperative and also how to incorporate properly to create a renewable energy cooperative in Ottawa. Sustainable Eastern Ontario provided a $3,500 grant to the group which led to the founding and establishment of the Ottawa Renewable Energy Cooperative. Since this time, OREC was raised over 10 Million for renewable energy projects in the region! Such a great success story of local action. SEO has also partnered with OREC on several other partnerships and activities around energy. 


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The co-op’s goals are as follows:

Generate decentralized renewable energy in Eastern Ontario. Create a democratic, self-reliant, environmentally, socially and financially sustainable co-operative business model for community power in Eastern Ontario. Provide a fair return to residents of Eastern Ontario who wish to invest in local renewable energy production and energy efficiency. Increase the accessibility of investments options and awareness of renewable energy production and energy efficiency. Be a strong voice in Eastern Ontario for renewable energy through education, workshops, social media, and advocacy. Advocate for hospitable policy climates that facilitate community owned and financed renewable energy and other forms of sustainable technology in Eastern Ontario. Partner with other organizations, companies, and government agencies to achieve our vision. 

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